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Vikings; ale, mead or bjórr? – Beer tasting this summer! Taste Norwegian beer while learning about the Vikings’ relation to this beverage…

1611-tekst Ølakademiet | 1611-foto Illustration: Frode Henriksen

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Just like Norwegian youngsters of today, the vikings are thought to have resorted to strong beverage for courage. Today, mostly courage to approach the opposite sex – or same sex for that matter, while back in the viking age the courage to plunder. And approach the opposite sex – but in a slightly more brutal way than today.

  • Individual registration
  • Language: English
  • Price: NOK 395/person (*cash/card upon arrival)
  • Age limit: 18 years or older. Bring picture ID if you are under 25

Ølakademiet, The Beer Academy, invites you to a 60 minutes long beer tasting session. Here, while tasting a selection of Norwegian beers of today, you learn about the Vikings’ relation to ale, mead, and intoxicants in general. We also give you a perspective of how significant alcohol consumption impacted our constitution of 1814, up to more recent beer history; like the story of the oldest still running brewery in Norway and the Norwegian craft beer revolution.

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