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Vikings; ale, mead or bjórr? – Beer tasting this summer! Taste Norwegian beer while learning about the Vikings’ relation to this beverage…

Just like Norwegian youngsters of today, the vikings are thought to have resorted to strong beverage for courage. Today, mostly courage to approach the opposite sex – or same sex for that matter, while back in the viking age the courage to plunder. And approach the opposite sex, but in a slightly more brutal way than today.


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Language: English

Price: NOK 395/person (*cash/card upon arrival)

Transport: Tram lines 11-12-13 to Schous Plass


Ølakademiet, The Beer Academy, invites you to a 60 minutes long beer tasting session. Here, while tasting a selection of Norwegian beers of today, you learn about the Vikings’ relation to ale, mead, and intoxicants in general. We also give you a perspective of how significant alcohol consumption impacted our constitution of 1814, up to more recent beer history; like the story of the oldest still running brewery in Norway and the Norwegian craft beer revolution.

The beer tasting session is served with humor almost as dark as the cellar that houses it.

You find us located in the city area of Grünerløkka, a must-experience part of Oslo. This is the working class area that turned fashion hub, filled with modern cafés and laid-back bars, independent boutiques and young, trendy residents. The Mathallen, Oslo’s Food Hall, is also within a few minutes walk from our location.

See what Lonely Planet says about Grünerløkka …

140325_map_point_small   |   Ølakademiet, Thorvald Meyers gate 71 A

140325_map_point_small   |   Hopyard Mathallen, Vulkan 5


Season has ended, welcome back in 2017! Groups are welcome to send a request on e-mail.

4:30 PM @ Ølakademiet | Season ended …

*=A minimum of 8 guests in total is required. If cancelled you will be noticed by mail or mobile phone.


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I. Birkelunden Park

Numerous bars, cafés and restaurants surrounds this green park filled with young peoples enjoying lazy summer afternoons.

II. Mathallen, Oslo Food Hall

Oslo’s food district no. 1 packed with local food and small restaurants serving samples and luch/dinner. Also Hopyard is located here with Oslo´s finest selection of beer.

III. Popsenteret, The Pop Center

Museum for commercial Norwegian music history.

IV. Street Art

Street filled with cool graffiti.


1. Scandic Vulkan

2. PS: Hotell

3. Anker Hotel

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